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KA hi cap mag loading issues

Hey guys,

Having a few issues with my KA hi cap mag for my KA M4a1

Issue: Load the mag and spin the windup on the bottom for 30 sec or so. When i seat the mag and it clicks in, sometimes it loads bb's up and fires as it should and other times it doesnt load them up and all you hear is the pop from the rifle but no bb's coming out the business end! Not giving me all the confidence that it will be ready to fire when it needs to!

This is a new gun and the stock mag that came with the package. My thought is that the little plastic piece that holds the bb's in the mag is not moving over far enough to allow the bb's to spring up to the chamber.

Hope someone can help a Noob out!

Ps. I am also in the process of looking for some mid cap mags so some advice on quality ones for my KA m4 would be appreciated!

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