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Originally Posted by Crossfire034 View Post
Right, one last question. The gun I'm going to order has an average of 380 FPS with .20 BB's, though I would like to use .25s for a little added accuracy. I understand that this will ultimately bring the FPS down, but will it still be able to keep up with the higher FPS AEG's during outdoor games?
The common thing people are concerned about when getting into airsoft is their FPS. A high FPS does you no good if your hop-up is shit. Best thing to do is get a gun that will run a good RoF (if you aren't interested in semi fire or lower capacity mags), and make sure you get a rifle with solid hop-up, because a gun a with a shit hop-up will shoot close to 400fps out of the barrel, but will slow down and drift dramatically after about 50 feet. A gun shooting at 350fps with a great hop-up will be more accurate and will maintain that velocity a much longer distance. A 380fps w/.20gs gun will do you fine. Every .5 grams in weight you increase will bring you down about 15-20fps, but those rounds travel further and maintain a good velocity. I use .28s for outdoor games, and my 385fps rifle w/.20gs still fires over 350fps with the .28s.
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