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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
the polarity is reversed on certain radio ptt attachments. For example, Kenwood vs changing the downlead isn't always workable, you need to change the PTT as well.
The QuietPro is all in one unit, PTT everything. The downleads come from QuietPro for the different radios either PRC or XTS as of now. The XTS downlead will work with any Motorola Jedi Radio (HT1000, MTS2000, JT1000, and all XTS series). As stated the HT1000 and MTS2000 are the cheapest but have to be reprogrammed. Searching the internet you can get the CPS software. The programming cable can be found online as well. So an investment on the hardware side has to be taken into account. There are people who have made PRC to ICOM radio adapter. The Kenwood two pin is more similar to the PRC then the ICOM is. The single Pin Motorola is more similar to the ICOM. So if the ICOM can be done then so a Kenwood 2 pin should be easier. Again hardware has to be taken into account. Since you would need to have the male end of the PRC cable to connect the wires and a doner Kenwood 2 pin with leads.

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