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I learned not to trust ppl here when I do the mistake of forgetting to ship out the items as 'cash on delivery' service and I ended up on just shipping the items as Xpedited.

Just because I did this mistake, as Tremblay requested I ship out the $114 items as C.O.D., he is taking advantage of potentially making this as free items by not paying. I hate to accuse him of this but the excuses and lack of replies to reason on when he can definetly pay me has been lacking on his behalf. The updated story on this is that Bastista, Martin Tremblay, will not pay me back unless he sells his G&G AEG. Then when I inquire about where is his AEG classified ad, (since it's been weeks since he told me he was going to sell his gun in order to make payments for his purchase as he claims he has no money), he does nor reply back to my messages here on ASC.

You know I messed up on this honest mistake but it doesn't mean that you are allowed to not pay at all.

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