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Originally Posted by takagari View Post
You retract that comment. sort of a dumb ass assumption.

I'm hoping they booted the guy/kid off the field.
All though many things could of been done better. The attackers should of stopped shooting. something obviously up. Guys don't just stand up and wave their arms.
The camera guy should of been yelling No Duff or what ever the field standard is.

But good on the Camera Man. His quick reaction probably saved that idiot's eyes.
not at all, this was a kid who felt no ways to take off his mask because he was just that a kid. kids do stupid shit without thinking all the time, there kids. and how do i deal with that simple i dont play with them. as for someone over the age of 18 who should have enough common sense (im aware some don't) to know the importance of there eyes and if they decide to take there mask off during a game then let that be there problem.... unfortunately not everyone follows rules. all im saying is i wouldnt want to be put in a position where i had to tell some kids parents your son had been shot in the eye

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