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Originally Posted by HackD View Post
To a certain degree, i do apologize for being rather bullish with my comments. However, by the same token, being 'nice' often does not get a message across about an issue with the required urgency, where corrective measures are required to be taken, and attitudes un-fucked post-haste. There are potentially dire consequences about to arrive in a shit-storm of epic proportions, for all involved. You were defending an undefendable situation and making excuses for circumstance in your first posts, pure and simple.

Now that we've made nice-nice.. get your "great Leaders" attention on this, and focused upon the recommended fixes given to you so far. This whole situation cannot be allowed to continue. If the "great Leader" continues to be an obstinate dick about it - then it's high time to cut him loose and/or distance yourself from the impending shit-storm.
Well said. I should apologize for my language and offensive manner as well. I just don't like seeing these kinds of situation where people are ignorant and think they "run shit like a boss". You guys will get great help from Janus I am sure, so listen well. Good luck, you'll need it.
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