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What your group is guilty of is not really in question. We've seen your videos on YouTube, read your website, and heard from a witness; three strikes your out. If your earnest in your efforts to improve things and take this seriously, first off "good for you", and let us give you some advice.

Some of these are suggestions, and some "must" be mandatory.

- The guy who "runs" your group, seems to have made some very inexcusable descisions for someone his age. Tyler Voigt is it? I'd get some space from him quickly. Someone needs to give his head a shake. If he persists, threatens, or bullies anyone that tries to make things better and safer, I'd report him. He's collecting money on crown land, issuing phoney bullshit waivers, and shooting at children, for starters. He may not go to jail, but he needs to know the authorities are watching.

- If your going to run a pay airsoft site, you'll need the following. A private or rented property that is zoned for that sort of thing. A business license, a properly written waiver, the proper insurance, and a detailed information brochure on all the risks associated for players/parents to read. That's just for starters. You'll need all the things business must have though. Some are listed earlier in this post.

- If you decide to just run a non pay, private team kind of thing; then private property will do. If you have "any" members that are underage, you will still need insurance, waivers, etc. That is just scratching the surface.

- I'd eliminate anyone under sixteen immediately, either way you go. If someone under eighteen is going to play, they must have a parent/guardian present "at all time", have read and understood the rules, and signed a legal waiver. Also Insurance must be present to protect them and yourself.

- If your playing on private property, you will have to consider the safety of your neighbors and community. You may even want to let the local authorities know what, where, and when you play; so there are no "situations".

- Safety gear is an absolute. "All" safety eyewear "must" meat the CSA, ANSI regulations, and "must" protect your eyes adequately all the way around. Not to mention they have to be reasonably held onto your face. If you trip, stumble, get bumped, etc, they "must" stay on. All safety eyewear "must" remain on a players face at all times (no exceptions), until they are clear if the gaming area, and in a designated "safe" zone. A safe zone "must" be safe from projectiles originating within and outside of itself.

- "All" players including staff, team leaders, etc, "must" have "all" of their guns chrinographed and checked by a responsible, suitable, and adequate individual(s) on a regular basis. The instrument used "must" be properly calibrated and tested for accuracy, and "all" manufacturers instructions "must" be followed during it's operation. You'll also want to make sure that every gun on your field is legal as well. There are some posts and links to what you should know, here on ASC.

- Other safety concerns "must" be observed. Such as but limited to: the safety of all players, staff, visitors, spectators, wildlife, environment, civilians, property, and attendees at all times and with all reasonable entirety. Think about making boots with at least 6' - 8' ankle support and non-slip soles mandatory as well as eye protection. Throat, yoke, mouth, face, and head guards for those under eighteen as well, so their jugulars, temples, teeth, etc, are protected.

Now that I've barely just laid out some "really basic" ground rules, you should look into it more. There are teams, groups, businesses, players, and staff here on ASC whom share a complete and near unlimited Airsoft knowledge and experience. Look into what they have done for detailed field rules and safety precautions. You can copy if you want. Many large game ops have a very long and detailed list of field rules that'll help encompass your whole game experience.

I hope you make all necessary changes, and remember that we are here if needs be. Don't attack us for we are legion, and have been there done that. Our concern is that the best interests of airsoft in Canada and those involved is being taken seriously. Safety is paramount, and hurt feelings are not. Stay away from selfish morons who will hurt your fun, safety, friends, and players.

If your looking for any other info, it's probably posted here a hundred times. It will seem as if it's endless reading, but that should tell you that there is many important things to consider. If you act honestly and with truth then we are in your corner.

Good luck!

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