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Firstly this is not a flamefest. As I for one have yet to grab some thermite, pressure up my flamethower or soak any rags in gasoline.

A member of your community has expressed valid concerns.

We are attempting to educate/inform you of what would be considered a normal safety best practice in the rest of Canada.

Secondly, in this context there is no: this group, that group, my group and/or your group. Whatever happen with any one group can and definitley will impact the remainder of us. If the Rabid Soccer Mom Society does not eat you alive, the CBC will definitely provide an incomplete picture of what happened.

If you choose to operate in a public forum / venue, that has the exposure that you do. The remainder of the Canadian Airsoft Community can be tarred and feathered with the same brush. This is regardless of the community or forum(s) you are a member of. The actions or lack of action by a group, team or forum in Halifax, can impact your little community on Vancouver Island.

Our primary concern is simple. We a much larger national collective do not want become involved in needless and unwarranted scrutiny or imposed regulation. Due to the actions of neglience or incompetence of others.

I suggest you seek legal counsel in regards to the issues and concerns we have expressed. You will find that we are not collectively talking out of our asses. You will find that for the better part, we have expressed legimate concerns and the possible outcomes or consequences.

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