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Originally Posted by Avanarius View Post
While I totally agree with you; I consider myself a pretty rational and understanding person so I have to bring up one point. Have you ever thought that bashing, flaming, attacking, name calling, and a lot of what I have seen above does absolutely nothing to help fix the problem for the entire airsoft community, and actually makes it worse?
Well you are a smart and reasonable guy no? you should be able to turn off the bullshit chatter advice /flame and keep those whos advice that make sense. There are plenty of answer to fixed the issue at hand that has already been mentioned above, Full seal goggles is a start, minimum age is another. This hobby with its rapid expansion has its pros and cons just like paintball years ago, unfortunately with the addition of internet thrown in and keyboard warriors added to the mix all fucking commonsense are thrown out. So another freebie advice don't step into bullshit, observe/read more, argue less. there are clubs around or near your area should you wish to ask for help. Remember all it take is one of the little kiddies to get hurt because someone choose to be a nice guy and ignore the advice given here, Guns and kids whether its real or just toys don't mix in the general mind especially soccer moms.
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