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For the new folks on here this is yet another familiar behavior pattern on Airsoft Canada. Here's how it breaks down.
  • New Player signs up with question Something like "Hi, I'm new and at games is this normal when something like X happens".

  • Community response The response will be either "yes that's normal, man up you pussy", or "no that is wrong, take these steps to remedy".

  • Player response If the player signed up to win validation for a preconceived idea that's not within the normal scope of play they will begin a rapid spiral downward till they melt down. If the question is good one (like this) then the tread will continue and more information will develop.

  • Community response As noted if the question/person is stupid then they get stepped on. If it is a good question a solid thread will develop.

  • 3rd Party joins conversation If the thread is like this one the 3rd party will soon sign up to sing their own praises and attempt to deflect criticism and diminish their actions by attempting an ambush of the original poster.

  • Community response The replies and questions become extremely specific and pointed. Please do not forget that this is not the first time this has come up. Everyone knows just what question to ask, just what weak point or grievous mistakes the 3rd party has made and how to counter their defences and excuses.

  • 3rd party response The third party will continue to defend themselves and their friends. They'll do anything they can to duck and dodge try to put themselves in the light of victims of a smear campaign.

  • Community response This is when the hate machine wakes up.

    Any questions?

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