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communism seemed like a good idea too.

new coke seemed like a good idea

crystal pepsi seemed like a good idea

hooking up with that mysterious looking thai girl seemed like a good idea


wait... did I just say that last one out loud?...

This sounds more like a good idea/bad idea skit from animaniacs.

proven eye protection doesn't seem to be a good idea... it IS a good idea, this isn't an optional thing. while modern prescription eyewear lenses can offer some pretty good protection they can't completely cover enough area to prevent the one in a million shot from sneaking in and blinding someone for life.

That isn't a joke. That's reality. If someone can be lucky enough to win a 1 in 40 million odds lottery, some poor bastard can be unlucky enough to get a 1 in a million shot through gaps in his eye pro. That's not an assumption of anything, that is murphy's law.

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