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Originally Posted by Avanarius View Post
The sealed eye protection seems like a good idea. Although, without minors, I don't see much need for any more protection personally.We might need to enforce it in the future as the guns get more powerful but I just haven't seen much of a need for it and I've been shot by the worst of the worst from what our players bring.
That statement right there sums up your total level of understanding and ignorance at the same time.

Eye protection seems like a good idea.

You do not see a need to enforce sound safety policies and procedures.

You choose not to enforce sound safety policies and procedures.

You are either too young to know what you have gotten yourself involved with, or you have chosen to be blindly ignorant of what could, would and might happen. OR - Worst case scenario, you honestly lack common sense and any form or intelligence when it comes to safety of those around you.

Your ignorance, inattention to detail, and blatant disregard for any common safety practice or policies that are involved in any normal airsoft event, is mind boggling. These are not merely suggestions or the airsoft rules Nazi's attempting to enforce on you. Everything that has been mentioned from the allowance of Minor Players, to Eye Safety, to Chronography Registration of all devices. Would be and should always be a Normal Safe Operating Policy and Procedure.

You should pay attention to the advise and take notes from what has been posted here.

But then why would you. You have already admitted that you will madly and blindly stumble along your current path, as you see no need or reason to change.

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