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Originally Posted by Avanarius View Post
CV Airsoft organizer / assister / helper person (whatever you want to call me) here; there's so much incorrect information going around in this thread it's not even funny. So I'll ignore most of what's in this thread and tell everyone this: We're all very new to this. Not once; I repeat not once has a single person voiced any concerns to me, and I am essentially next in line to the 'leader'. I do understand that the age limit is well; pretty laxing, well since tonight (I learned as I read). That said: I will be changing what the restrictions are or I will simply not play anymore.
The owner's son, helper, participant or whatever has pretty much explained it clearly and concisely, the youtube video's and your own facebook website pretty much just confirms it. What part of that, doesn't quite jibe with your "leaders" warped sense of airsoft reality?

In person no one has voiced concerns to you? What about the OP?.. and you, or the "great Leader" blew him off?

The lack of an age limit isn't laxing, it's negligence. Again this is the main reason that the OP posted up the original topic.. everything else that you consider 'mis-information' came secondary to light of further discussion. Did you, or your "great Leader" do any background research on what is generally considered acceptable, or not, in an airsoft venue, before opening up these fields to the great unwashed, and under-aged masses? Did you take into consideration any legal ramifications of what is needed to protect your arses, that of the players at the events, and that of the land owners?

It doesn't seem you or the "great Leader" did, at all.

Originally Posted by Avanarius View Post
As for protection, eye protection is definitely mandatory; I wouldn't let a single person out of my sight without it. The sealed eye protection seems like a good idea. Although, without minors, I don't see much need for any more protection personally. We might need to enforce it in the future as the guns get more powerful but I just haven't seen much of a need for it and I've been shot by the worst of the worst from what our players bring.
The sealed eye protection seems like a good idea, eh? Go figure. Sorry, but that one is a given, for all but the most clueless. It's pretty much the base minimum for airsoft PPE. With your low calibre of blind-firing, no MED range observing under-aged players (read potentially sue-happy parents in case of an incident) with no trigger discipline, the bare minimum should be a full-on paintball mask.

Ever had a BB bleeder? Ever picked a BB out of your skin? Ever seen someone with a tooth shot-out, or a broken limb from running down a dark trail in full-on 'zombie-panic' mode? Can you contemplate how awkward it would be explaining to 12 year old Johnny's parents why they've now got to spring out of pocket for $4000.00 worth of Post, Cap, and Crown to replace that missing tooth, or why he is sporting a brand new 10 week duration cast on his broken leg? While not a totally common happening, it does happen. With the crowd you are inviting to events (by video evidence) it's got a better chance of happening, sooner or later. These are all the things that potential lawsuits are made of, and much more - "Waiver", or no "waiver".

Oh, and both airsoft videos do make a lie out of your assertion that eye protection is mandatory at the games. Both videos show players without eyepro, and others with shop glasses, aviator glasses (!) and other inappropriate eyewear. Ansi 87.1+ safety rating, full seal eyepro, or go home in shame... Ever seen a BB bounce around inside a close-fitting pair of shooting glasses after it slipped through a gap? With players who know and practice a MED, and good trigger and aiming discipline, tight-fitting shooting glasses, maybe - but not at your calibre of player.

Does your field organizer test FPS at every event? The OP has indicated that up to 500 fps is permissable - how do you tell who has what, without a Chrony? .. and at 500 fps why bother? 500 fps is way hot, especially in the hands of a newb crew at the shit-show event.

Originally Posted by Avanarius View Post
All I can ask of this thread is to please not assume everything here is true because it's not. if you have any questions just post them in this thread and I will respond and will do anything I can in my power to install protective measures.
Sorry, but the balance of evidence is stacked against you. There may well be a level of exaggeration present, but as the OP is the land owner (or son of) the potential liability that he faces in case of an incident, is very clearly shown by what is seen in those youtube videos, and the organizers own site.

Protective measures? For where? Privately owned land where the owners likely don't want you there any-longer, or at games being illegally played on Crown Land?

I'm going to regret this post tomorrow, i'm sure. It just pisses me off to no end to see the willfully blind, leading the under-aged and potentially blinded down the airsoft path of ignorance and negligence.

Until you clue into how to actually organize a safe event with guidelines and standards, you and the "great Leader" shouldn't really be organizing anything more complicated than a pizza order delivery to your doorstep.

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