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CV Airsoft organizer / assister / helper person (whatever you want to call me) here; there's so much incorrect information going around in this thread it's not even funny. So I'll ignore most of what's in this thread and tell everyone this: We're all very new to this. Not once; I repeat not once has a single person voiced any concerns to me, and I am essentially next in line to the 'leader'. I do understand that the age limit is well; pretty laxing, well since tonight (I learned as I read). That said: I will be changing what the restrictions are or I will simply not play anymore.

As for protection, eye protection is definitely mandatory; I wouldn't let a single person out of my sight without it. The sealed eye protection seems like a good idea. Although, without minors, I don't see much need for any more protection personally. We might need to enforce it in the future as the guns get more powerful but I just haven't seen much of a need for it and I've been shot by the worst of the worst from what our players bring.

All I can ask of this thread is to please not assume everything here is true because it's not. if you have any questions just post them in this thread and I will respond and will do anything I can in my power to install protective measures.
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