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I have read that waiver on the site, it is a complete joke. That waiver will not protect anyone, regardless of who they are.

If you are expecting that waiver to protect you, your family or their assets. Simply, forget about it. That "waiver" will do no nothing for you.

Secondly. I saw people in that video, either not wearing eye protection, or wearing shop glasses. You need FULL SEAL GOGGLES. If a bb slips behind a set of shop glasses, opps, you are screwed.

Even the pictures on the website have people with either no eye protection, incorrect eye protection, or their goggle on their forehead(during what appears to be a game).

I would quickly discontinue any relationship with this asshat. I just wish facebook had a dislike button, or better yet, a report stupid button.

This individual, and his methods of operating, will get you in a world of hurt.

Your ass is hanging way to far into the wind right now.

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