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This is the group's rules CVAU Rulebook:1) This is fightclub. First rule of fightclub? Dont. talk. about. fightclub... To an extent...I mean.. well ok, talk about it. 2) This is a Gentleman's game. You are expected to make your best judgements for when you get hit. Please do not ignore hits, this just ruins the game for everyone. 3) When you are struck, RAISE YOUR ARM and YELL "HIT". This shows that you are hit and must start your respawn process. If you fail to yell HIT, then there's really no reason for the other team to stop shooting at you. 4) Similar to rule 3, is a GUN HIT. If at any time you take a direct hit to your weapon (but NOT your body), yell "GUN HIT". This is a 10 second penalty, but does NOT require respawn. Simply stop, DO NOT SHOOT, and count to 10-100. 5) Respawn and Penalty Counting. You are expected to count in 100's. For example: "One One Hundred, Two One Hundred, Three One Hundred, etc) You do NOT need to count out loud. 6) Penalties and Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Certain game types will require certain rules. These should be adressed before the match begins. If you are hit, have yelled "HIT", but are still being shot at, address this and it can be reviewed. 7) Equipment and Safety: Generally speaking, it's up to you to decide what you need to bring to any match. Eye Protection is MANDATORY. Keep in mind the time of day you're playing, and your surroundings. Dress appropriatley and expect to get a little dirty

I heard there was a cop car that drove by at one of the night games....
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