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Originally Posted by thatgingerkid View Post
i'm sixteen, I bought a sniper because i wanted to start off airsoft sniping and now i find out that i can't even go anywhere or to any ops because every op basically is 18 older. its so disappointing because I basically got screwed over because they probs have alcohol at the ops. really i think it should be all ages and just cut out the alcohol, like really if its because of maturity then the 18+ players should get the fields to allow at least 16 and up because really if you have a legitimate airsoft gun that's high powered then you're mature enough to play a milsim op or atleast give a waver to the 16-18.
You are the reason people don't want to play with younguns and you give them all a bad name by writing mambi-pambi boo-hoo like this. My brother is 14 and will be playing his first airsoft game within the next month because he is buying an M4 with his own money that he's been saving (mom ain't paying), and only because the kid has shot before, knows how to handle a weapon, and plays paintball, a lot, so knows the fundamentals and actually has a code of honor. My brother just turned 14 on Tuesday and he has more sense than you. There aren't enough facepalms in the world to cover what you have written here. Go sell your gun to someone who will use it properly before you hurt someone else, or yourself. Saying that because you have a high powered sniper rifle makes you mature enough to play airsoft is like saying because you have a dick it means you're mature enough to fuck. You go off doing that, you'll hit someone in the eye, and both parties end up disappointed. Dunce.
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