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Originally Posted by чума View Post
We do have waivers but their legal power is beyond me. It is true this group is only 6 months old but what is going on is just crazy.
Your situation is just a fucking huge mess. This so called "group" leader, he's full of shit, tell him half this forum says so. I'm positive all these guys agree with me. It sounds like hes getting full of himself being the "leader" of 80+ people. I bet you he's pushing you into letting everyone play so then everyone will look up to him as some God... "OH THE AMAZING LEADER IS SO COOL, HES THE BEST, HE LETS EVERYONE PLAY, HES SO EASY GOING, ETC ETC ETC" Like damn, I feel sorry for you. He is using you like a tool. Stand up for yourself and tell him to fuck off.
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