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Take me to your Leader.

I would advise your leader to grab a cup of maturity with some intelligence sprinkled in.

From reading this thread, it appears he does not understand, common sense, common law and "The Standard of a Reasonable Man"

If is it your ground, you are the one that will be put in the legal blender. Someone will hire the crack legal team of Dewey Cheatum and Howe. Your family will quickly find itself involved in a lenghty and costly legal affair. Best case scenario, you waste 30,000 in legal fees, and walk out of it. Worst case scenario, you waste 200,000 in legal fees, and have a civil and or criminal judgement against you.

Ask yourself a simple question, how much of my ass to I want hanging in the wind.

Waivers are a good start, but not foolproof. Depending on how your waiver is worded, and presented to the participant. Along with your actions that support the waiver, you may have no issues.

Start allowing non guardian/parent monitored and supervised players, and this could quickly blow up in your face.

If your "Leader" is soo keen to have what he wants. Have him put up the Liability Insurance. Have him take all the responsibility from you, by renting the land from you during the events.

But ultimately it is your land, do as you wish. If you provide a venue that has value, people will show up.

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