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Awesome did I really write that?!?

effin latops...

Online handles chosen when 16 are not always the best lol
And we have a winner. Do you know how many people join this board and choose stupid names, only to realize they have to live with 'em? Seriously...go to the userlist and look for SNIPER (244 variations) or DELTA (80 variations), or any variations of either (deltasniper, elitedeltasniper, deltalsniper1, 17337deltasniper, etc).

I chose my handle in 1998. I needed to put something there, so I chose something I thought sounded cool. I've been "MadMorbius" on here ever since, and Morb to anyone who knows me.

The other classic is kids who state their birth date as 5-10 years earlier so they can appear to be 18, only to realize with horror that they will indeed need to prove that claim at some point.
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what if it model after his?

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