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Of course we can change user names; We do it all the'll note that this kind of thing only happens to drama queens who post about how it sucks so bad that they gave themselves a ridiculous name, and want it changed because it's dawned on them that the name they go by here is the name they'll be known by on the field. You'll also note, the OP didnt' have his name mod-changed at all, only those who literally asked for it after the fact.

"Oh look, I just did something dumb and I need you to drop everything you're doing to unfuck my mistake for me...what do you mean no? Well fuck you then, I'M BEING OPPRESSED! DOWN WITH TRANNY!"

I know, it's remarkable...ASTOUNDING things can get done if you just ask NICELY, instead of demanding things with some sense of entitlement, like the staff here owes you something. Like we're paid employees, and you're a paying customer. Send a PM for of us will probably help you out...if we've had enough coffee.

Here's a tip: being NICE to the staff might lead us to help you out, but being a dick absolutely guarantees that you're going to get fucking ZERO support or sympathy. Our (unpaid) job is to keep things keep the peace, to ensure the board rules are enforced and the board is running. Absent from this discription of our duties is any requirement for us to fix mistakes YOU make, such as choosing a stupid name on registration, and we absolutely reserve the right to have a little fun at your expense, as payment for the work we're required to do to assist we've done for many, MANY others on this site, all in good fun, and until now, with a surprising lack of drama over the issue.
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what if it model after his?

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