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Originally Posted by nickssj21 View Post
I want you to stop putting kids on your field. Tell your airsoft group leader that it's just unacceptable. IF one of those little kids get hurt in a major way, you will be held responsible. It's just a bad idea overall. I don't have much to say for the sniper action though, I don't know how big the field is. Anyway, if one of those kids get majorly hurt, it could make the news and then the public will view airsoft as some crazy dangerous sport, and we of course don't want that. We have to show the public that we airsofters are responsible and mature people. But still, 8 year olds who get dropped off? What are parents thinking these days .. seriously. I was 17 and my mom wouldn't let me go airsofting!
I'm as much worried about what will happen if anyone gets hurt as the next person.

Do any of you think it should be a good idea to show our group "leader" this thread or do you think it'll make a bigger mess?
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