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Originally Posted by freespeech View Post
Seriously pathetic, getting banned for speaking out against your abuse of power, you must think you're really cool...

And vondnik, that doesn't even deserve a proper response.

Funny how speaking your mind and calling people out on their crap gets you band here. What sorry excuse for people you admins have been.
Alrighty, we need to calm down a bit and look at this from a rational perspective.

Our mods are not terrible admins, nor do they ban people because they speak their mind. They banned you because you are being abusive, and have obviously missed the humour and sarcasm in this thread.

Based on your post count, you probably haven't been here long. I can then assume, therefore, that you don't know how we work. It's a running joke in the community, and I'm sure that the admins are going to restore all the people here's names. You need to calm down and see below the obvious, instead of looking at one post and raging your ass off.

I appreciate your opinion and your care for the members of this forum, but this really isn't what it seems. You also really need to chill. XD

Originally Posted by FirestormX View Post
IDontcare is right! Let's revolt against the admins! We can't let them have the power over us. Let's take ownership of the names given to us, and show them we do not fear their name changing tyranny.
Jordan, from now on, you will walk up to newbies with pride, and with a loud and command voice tell them "hi there, send me a message on ASC. My username is Mike Litoris". For you shall not feel shame any more. You will not break under their oppression. You will rise up, prove to them that though they can take away the name you registered with, they can not take away your spirit! YOU. ARE. MIKE. LITORUS. And if anyone mocks you, tell them they can suck it!
You, sir, just made my week. XD
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