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Drake and MadMorbius,

Your abuse of power as admins is seriously pathetic and your lack of character is astonishing. These guys just asked if their damn usernames could be changed and you take that and give them ridiculous names and when they ask it to be changed to something more of their liking, you just say "you'll think about it". Some are meeting other airsoft people in this community and look unprofessional because they have to introduce themselves as these stupid mal-thought out names. You could have just said no if you didn't want to change their names, which is obviously very simple since you've done it repeatedly. You guys give airsofters a bad name, when newbies trying to join the sport get treated like this on the forums. This isn't high school, so stop acting like idiots and stop this bullshit.

BTW, I know you're probably going to change my username, but as it currently states, I don't care at all, it only makes you both look more pathetic. Ban me and I'll just register as another user...continue and maybe your names will be changed too, who knows what will happen...
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