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No offense taken, us old-timers do talk up a storm.

To the OP.
Read the thread below first. It describes how a fully grown/mature/self determining/waiver signing person was injured in an airsoft game and his "guardian" now has to decide if they should crush the offending party like a bug. Even if it turns out to be a false alarm when the machine gears up and gets a bug up it's ass it is ugly. If someone decides it's time to make an example of this group they'll lobby their superiors for a hunting license.

After reading the thread imagine this.

Little Billy's dad brings him and his friend to a game. He's done it a few times and it's gone well. But after one game the kid gets hurt. Has to go to the hospital and earns a scar on his face. Maybe not even a BB, maybe he climbed up one the structures and caught a nail.

Billy's dad says boys will be boys. Billy's mom is less willing to let go. She talks it up with her circle of friends. She realizes her little prince will "never be a model" (quote from a dog bite case). She gets the lawyer, she gets maybe a few anti's lined up, she gets on the news. So it gets kicked up to the insurance provider for the property. Maybe they decide the policy does not cover this and they put you in the wind, and it'll just keep getting worse.
Airsoft, where nothing is hurt but feelings.
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