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suzie soccer mom is definitely an issue.

However, those running the show are responsible for explaining the risks. And to most of the parents I've talked to about their kids playing is 'we know the dangers, but he'd rather do this than hockey' or 'better than sitting around in front of the tv or computer playing games.'

People just have to be involved and take a more active role if they're going to allow it. You have to coach/mentor a bit.

I'm sure there's a risk of SSM running that same shit if their kid get's tackled hard in soccer or checked hard in hockey. With the proper safety gear, airsoft probably is safer than hockey.

However, SSM and her lawyer is a definite threat to the OP if the correct precautions aren't taken. You aren't a day care, nor should you expect to be. There are risks involved with playing, just like any other sport, and the parents should acknowledge this and agree to the terms of their kids being allowed to play.
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