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Originally Posted by чума View Post
My parents do own the land that I run for airsoft, I talked to my parents this morning and they think I'm just getting over paranoid about nothing but from what I'm hearing here they should be worried. At my field I do have it a 15+ but like I said before it really isn't stopping our "group leader" from bringing 10 to 14 year olds. There has only been 1 game at my field so far, I may just pull away from the group and make my own group and have it a 16+ with proper waivers. I off for now but thank you for your information that everyone has provided so far.
They may not think you are over paranoid when they get slapped with a lawsuit ...

when a parent "drops off" their kid on your property.. you and your parents are now responsible for the wellbeing of that minor. You invited them.. you permitted them on the land.. their parents have an expectation that they will be safe and sound while in your custody.

if Jr gets foggy goggles and takes them off in game.. and looses the sight in his eye... his mom is not going to shrug her shoulders and go "oh well.. thems the breaks" She is going to go into full on Momma Bear... and call her lawyer.. and rip you and your parents to little poor pieces..
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