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Originally Posted by thatgingerkid View Post
i'm sixteen, I bought a sniper because i wanted to start off airsoft sniping and now i find out that i can't even go anywhere or to any ops because every op basically is 18 older. its so disappointing because I basically got screwed over because they probs have alcohol at the ops. really i think it should be all ages and just cut out the alcohol, like really if its because of maturity then the 18+ players should get the fields to allow at least 16 and up because really if you have a legitimate airsoft gun that's high powered then you're mature enough to play a milsim op or atleast give a waver to the 16-18.
You do know that there is no such thing as quick-scoping,and kill streak rewards in the real world right?. Starting off in airsoft with a "SNIPER RIFLE" is like getting your beginers and starting to drive a tractor-trailer. And if all the players that are over the age of 19 and whom have spent thousands of dollars on their equipment want to have a beer after a 24 milsim,then they're going to do it,regardless of what you say or feel. The sooner you realize you can't change this...the sooner you'll accept it,and I hope you accept it before you shoot down your chances of playing when you turn 18.......the player base up there will remember you if you keep whining...get that part right.
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