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Question How old should you really be?

Good day.
I'm somewhat new to this Forum so please bare with me as I try to clarify what I have to say.

I'm from the Comox Valley some of you may know where this is well in the last 6 months there has been a new airsoft group (Comox Valley Airsoft) we have reached almost 80 members and growing almost every day but as the group gets larger the more younger they get which is fine for some but I'm not too big of a fan spending hundreds of dollars and shooting little 10 year old. So a buddy and I started our own field which is really just a 5ac piece of land but it works so we just simply put it as a CQB(ish). We made it a 15+ field mostly for safety reasons and some times people don't want 10 year old's running around, well our "leader" said it be fine but now he thinks it should be fare for all ages and if I don't change this he'll stop using my field. I'm stuck here, my friend and myself have put hours of work into the field and feel this is too harsh for such a simple thing.

We also don't allow snipers but he thinks I should aloud snipers, but the problem is the field is just not open enough and is too small to be used for sniping and I worried that if someone would get hurt in any form or way I would come down to fault.

Sorry for any incorrect spelling a head of time.


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