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Originally Posted by thatgingerkid View Post
i'm sixteen, I bought a sniper because i wanted to start off airsoft sniping and now i find out that i can't even go anywhere or to any ops because every op basically is 18 older. its so disappointing because I basically got screwed over because they probs have alcohol at the ops. really i think it should be all ages and just cut out the alcohol, like really if its because of maturity then the 18+ players should get the fields to allow at least 16 and up because really if you have a legitimate airsoft gun that's high powered then you're mature enough to play a milsim op or atleast give a waver to the 16-18.
Firstly, the drinking age in Ontario is 19.

Secondly, any game which has booze sanctioned during the event will wave at it's insurance from the moving car of lawsuits about to drive it into the wall of reality.

The 18+ thing, is about the player being responsible for their actions as adults.

I have shot with kids (hell, I led a bunch of them into battle Kony style at the LZ), and it's not a matter of maturity, it's a matter of liability. If the host wants to take on the added stress of dealing with legal liability of minors, then good for them.

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