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Brian brought up a good point, that I think everyone needs to understand. Don't sleep on the bare ground, even during summer. Wether it's concrete, dirt, or grass, whatever, the ground can absorb your bodies energy, and heat. Even during the summer when it stays fifteen degrees at night, you should have a proper layer other than your gear. Ranger blankets are sufficient, and light weight. Some people have argued that they have slept on the bare ground without incident; and this is true. However, some only get away with sore joints, slightly dehydrated, or a mild chill; it can be a lot worse.

I do have to disagree with Brian about everyone having only four good hours of fight in them. Obviously there are breaks and lulls in play, but it depends on the person. We've had single gun fights that went on for more than four hours; and I assure you, we didn't stop pushing that whole time. I'm certain that some individuals had a granola bar while they sat in the nearby respawn. As well we would have multiple fights, some lasting most of the night. One game I attended started around noon, and went all day hard fighting over large buildings, territory, or objectives. We then weathered constant small attacks into the early morning until we started taking turns sleeping. Everyone got an hour slot, but most didn't enjoy the whole time as there were constantly grenades, guns, and skirmishes going on. Everytime a larger force would hit, we would all have to get up off our asses and fight back during our sleep time. The next morning we fought from sun up (6:30), straight through till noon. You may be tired and hungry, but you still have to go a hundred miles an hour continuously.

Another good point was by Thunder Cactus. Your gear for an endurance game is heavy. You'll need to carry twenty-four hours worth of ammo, water, food, batteries/gas, rain gear/warm layer, spare safety glasses/dry socks/etc, and then there us your gear/guns. 40-60 lbs isn't bizarre in this instance. You'll be carrying that for the majority of twenty-four, and gave to have a water/food refill nearby.

As far as being attacked while sleeping, there is only really one way not to be bothered. Sleep by yourself, some place of little or no consequence to the game. There is no reason to bother you then; but your not much use to your team, and may as well be sleeping in your car. If you are sleeping in an objective, or live area be prepared to be disturbed. Attacks generally happen fast and hard, so it's a good idea to have sentries of shift sleeping. The enemy might not know your sleeping, or they do and that's why they hit that area. They are not going to give you a chance to defend yourself. If they happen upon you sleeping, then yes they can politely ask you to wake up and leave the now captured area. As far as "punching people in the throat", two things; firstly getting up all groggy and taking a swing at an adrenaline jacked group of guys rolling your area is a bad idea. You'll probably eat a rifle stock, and the him and his buddies will eject you from the game. You probably won't be invited back as violence has absolutely zero tolerance in airsoft. Secondly if you are at risk for waking up and panicking; this isn't the game type for you. I'd avoid any Airsoft that may involve you having to sleep. You obviously don't have the ...let's say fortitude, for it.

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