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1) Does people really play continuously for 24hrs? (or is it like a few hrs of games, then rest etc.)
Usually not, but the game doesn't stop, we roate shifts as much as we can.
Wolfpack's COLDFRONT and KEYSTONE games usually never stopped

2) Where does people sleep during the night? (car, camp, in the woods?)
Where ever your head falls lol
Woods, cement tarmac, inside buildings, somebody's lap lol

3) How long do you have for sleep? (is it dependent on the game play?)
depends on your commander, when they say go, YOU GO!

4) Does the rest/sleep time vary between different people? (ie. Does everyone rest at designated times, or some keep play while others rotate to rest etc)
Generally rotates, but depends on the op, sometimes you have designated game stops.

When it's a more hardcore long op, it's generally invite only, and you need quite a bit of gear to be prepared for anything.
With mobile ops, you carry all your crap on you, my ruck is usually only 80lbs
(plus a 45lb plate carrier with supplies for 12 hours), but some guys have 140lb rucks lol
With based ops, I only carry enough for 6 hours on me, about 35lbs depending on if I have my 249 or PTW. And leave the ruck at the base
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