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Originally Posted by ao_tenshi View Post
Hey everyone,

I'm new to airsoft, and interested to participate in one of the 24-hr type milsim games for the first time. Just wanted to get some feedback on the following so Im well prepared.

1) Does people really play continuously for 24hrs? (or is it like a few hrs of games, then rest etc.)

2) Where does people sleep during the night? (car, camp, in the woods?)

3) How long do you have for sleep? (is it dependent on the game play?)

4) Does the rest/sleep time vary between different people? (ie. Does everyone rest at designated times, or some keep play while others rotate to rest etc)

Guess the whole concept is still foreign to me, so any thoughts/experience that will better prep me the better. Thanks!

in answer to your questions.

Few people "play" the entire time.. practically everyone takes breaks , rest, eat.. whatever .. The game may be ongoing for the entire time, in that there is not scheduled break.

So you may be "in the game" the whole 24 hours.. but you may not be actively stalking or shooting all 24 of those hours.

Sleeping: ideally you came prepared fro a night int he bush.. so you have a shelter or sleeping bag you can slip into to catch some sleep. I've seen people sleep on the ground next to their gun.. but I don't recommend it.

Leaving the game to go take refuge in your car is not on.. as you are then leaving the game.. and not contributing to the experience of a Milsim. Soldiers can't step out of the battle and go hide in their car.

How long you have for sleep depends on the organization of your leadership.. good leaders will tell people when to sleep .. when to get moving.. poor ones don't care and won't know where half their people are at any given time.

you should be expected to rotate through various roles during the course of the game.. one of those roles is resting.

the key to making it through a 24 hour game is preparation.. be ready for the weather.

the second element is pacing.. most people are good for hard playing for a total of about 4 hours.. if you do all of that int he first 3 hours of the game .. you won't make it to hour 24.. expect to spread that 4 hours of hard playing over the total 24 hour event.. and you will make it to the end
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