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having a barrel taper down could cause any destabilization of the BB to be carried down all the way to the end of the barrel. i'm sure there is some oscillation on the Z axis when the BB is released from the hopup. with a tapering of the bore, it could delay the stabilization or even amplify the oscillation effect.

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I've heard of people having visible marks or scratches on the inside of their barrels. This is not something I've noticed in my gun. My barrel is now five years old, and the inner bore looks like new.

Wide bore barrels is a neat idea, but your now changing basic physical factors. You could provide the ability to have a larger more stable air cushion; but at the same time you need something capable of creating a very large air cushion. Not to mention sustaining it now there is more room for air to escape past the BB.

Your average AEG barrel five years ago came 6.08mm, now they are mostly stock 6.04mm. Systemas come stock with a 6.04mm, and mixed with their hop-up style have the best BB flight I've seen. That's electric, piston, air nozzle.

Here's a question for you physics guys. If you had a barrel that was wide bore out of the hop-up to help stabilize the BB's air cushion, and it slowly bored down the further down the barrel you got. The barrel itself would have a fluted tip, and a large, hard, concave style bucking; to apply an aggressive spin. Let's say the barrel started as a 6.08mm, and reverted down to a 6.03mm by the tip. Now the BB's squeezed path might slow it down, but could you not compensate with a stronger spring; or would the air cushion being forced into a decaying bore, compress and speed up the BB. Or at the very least compensate for the air restriction going into a smaller space?

Stupid question of the day? Or has someone already tried this in the Airsoft world?
regardless of the color of the BB or background, looking through a glass cylinder is going to distort what ever is inside due to refraction.
the effect can be reduced, but not eliminated. even using water or (ideally) mineral oil, there will still be distortion from the internal surface of the barrel. it will make it vary hard to determine the boundary of the glass and the air inside the barrel, so i see it as unlikely that we would be able to tell if the BB is striking the barrel wall or not. this is something BBB has decided to test so i will leave it to them to post their findings. it'll be interesting either way.

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Glow BBs?

I know, white against a black background is almost the same.
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Don't look at me, I don't know, lol \(_o)/.

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