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hi guys:

i am a filipino airsoft player and is now based in Naugatuck, Connecticut. i read a thread about us riding our guns hard. you got that right, because if you don't...well...imagine being hit by a bb at 500 fps close range - less than a foot - the bb's are graphite coated weighting 0.43 grams. you would want to return the favor...right.

back home we have a saying that if you don't want to get hurt there are two things that you can do...(1) maybe airsoft is not for you or (2) improve - get better and not get hit.

my previous of the oldest (1989 - gas days, using CO2 at over 150 psi) is now the defucnk Recon Survival Games Club. i remember those days. our sniper rifle back then was a full size m16 - gas - well over 700 fps - and at this muzzle exit velocity, bottles dont break ones you try to shoot them, you will make holes in them. i heard stories that some players actually have to use a spoon to remove the bb's imbeded in their skin.

once in a while RSGC starts the game with a warm up. it is called "rock and roll". two teams facing each other probably about 15 to 20 phases away. counting 5 to 1 we start running towards each other shooting at the same time. you stop only if you can't take it anymore. normally most of us stop after the third pass. i still have the scars. then there is "die hard" where in you have a soda can tied to your neck - you are alone facing the entire team. you can only be killed or "hit" if someone was able to hit the can...or if you surrender. these are all intended to improve your skill and tenacity. and we did. i remember there were only 10 of us facing three teams. each team has atleast 10 or more players also. and we won. fair and square.

i believe now there is more control over the fps limit of our AEG's (which should be). i think about 500 to 550 fps or an M150 spring or a PDI 300% max - for now. and slowly lowered to max of M130 or PDI 190%.

believe me my airsoft friends whenever your in the Philippines, make sure you play. once you hear the bb's fly - your adrenaline will truly pump. you can actually hear the "whoosh" once it passes your ears.

why am i telling this...i guess i am just an old guy trying to share his story. you can verify my story if you like. visit filairsoft again and look for Recon 1st Battalion. some of my old buddies still play there.


and thanks for reading. my apologies if i bore you.

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