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Hey everyone,

I'm new to airsoft, and interested to participate in one of the 24-hr type milsim games for the first time. Just wanted to get some feedback on the following so Im well prepared.

1) Does people really play continuously for 24hrs? (or is it like a few hrs of games, then rest etc.)
Take a regular 6-8hr game...and spread it over 24hrs. There's active time, down time, sleep/rest, eating.

There's no continuous anything for 24hrs.
Originally Posted by ao_tenshi View Post

2) Where does people sleep during the night? (car, camp, in the woods?)
Depends on the game. Some will have "safe areas" for tents...others you sleep "in play". Heading back to your car is usually frowned upon for the 24hr games around here (unless it's setup to be two distinct day games back to back...with no play at night). The expectation is that you're in play and stay in play for the duration.

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3) How long do you have for sleep? (is it dependent on the game play?)
Usually 4-6 hours...but it really depends on what's going on. Depends on your team.
* there's usually a 4-6hr slot for you to sleep...but depending on the person they may not sleep very well.

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4) Does the rest/sleep time vary between different people? (ie. Does everyone rest at designated times, or some keep play while others rotate to rest etc)
Again...depends on your team. 24hr Milsims are usually pretty structured. The commanders/team leads will figure out some sort of rotation. Some guys will be on guard duty, some resting, some eating, some out on missions, etc..while others do something else.

Originally Posted by ao_tenshi View Post

Guess the whole concept is still foreign to me, so any thoughts/experience that will better prep me the better. Thanks!
One of the biggest reasons I see guys not finish a long game is that they are tired and too uncomfortable (cold/wet/etc...). That usually comes down to lack of planning and preparation...both from the command side and from the player. You cannot go to a 24hr Milsim with the same stuff you go to a regular day game and expect to be anything but miserable. No wonder guys drop out when they're soaking wet and have no way to warm up.

One of the natural things that happen is that guys start a long game/24hr thing all jazzed up and ready to fight from minute 1 after stepping onto the field. Go go go. That's ok...but many of them will typically burn out by evening and not be up for the long/cold night to get through the next day. Some guys come out to a 24hr game with essentially the intent of playing a long day game/skirmish and then go home. Which kind of sucks large for the rest of the guys who have committed to the whole thing.

You're going to be cold, uncomfortable and bored at times...and there'll be frantic bunches of activity and bitter fighting. For some it's a lot of fun and quite the experience....for others it's just not something they want to do.
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