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Originally Posted by ao_tenshi View Post
Hey everyone,

I'm new to airsoft, and interested to participate in one of the 24-hr type milsim games for the first time. Just wanted to get some feedback on the following so Im well prepared.

1) Does people really play continuously for 24hrs? (or is it like a few hrs of games, then rest etc.)
Some do, some don't.. Its all based on your physical ability and game design.
Normally I never sleep more than 1 hour, unless the game is paused by admins.

Originally Posted by ao_tenshi View Post
2) Where does people sleep during the night? (car, camp, in the woods?)
Woods > Camp > Car
Generally people look down on those who sleep in the car

Originally Posted by ao_tenshi View Post
3) How long do you have for sleep? (is it dependent on the game play?)
4) Does the rest/sleep time vary between different people? (ie. Does everyone rest at designated times, or some keep play while others rotate to rest etc)

Guess the whole concept is still foreign to me, so any thoughts/experience that will better prep me the better. Thanks!
Depends on how much time you need and how much time you have.
If your Command is organized and there is enough quiet time during the game people get rotated for food and sleep.
In Canada I don't remember having games intense enough for people to have no time for food or quick nap. (Yet )

Its pretty upsetting to have people showup for 24 hour game and than spend 8+ hours sleeping in the car. Unless you have an injury I don't think its acceptable, since you are ruining everyone else's experience.
There are many threads on how to prepare for 24hr games, look them up.
Basic rules: Be well rested, eat well, arrive early and take a nap/relax before the start. Know your limit and dont kill yourself out there.. (unless you like that sort of thing)

Most imporantly, do not drive if you are too tired. Take a quick nap after the game to make sure you get home safely...

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