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Canada Post's new tracking page.

Just wondering if Canadapost's new tracking page is suppose to be 100% accurate in respect to their delivery locations. What I mean is the locations on the top left and right side of the delivery tracker bar.

I bought something off of an ASC user. He chose to ship in 2 packages. First package has this tracking number:
0654 8840 0054 9395

As you guys can see, it says it came out of BURNABY and ended up in MISSISSAUGA as indicated by the words on top of the tracking bar. Thats perfect and I got the package already.

However, the second package that he is sending is showing something different.
The tracking number is:
0074 2330 0058 9496

So, it came out of BURNABY again, but its destined for PICKERING??
This is the same person sending me the 2 packages, so I doubt he got my address wrong.

Is this cause for concern or is Canadapost's tracking not really accurate?
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