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BF3 teaches great tactical play lol
I haven't learned much from it.
I'm not someone who can be relied on to be particularly tactical in an airsoft match, because I don't have very much experience playing airsoft.

As for chronoing your gun, you'll need a proper chronograph for an accurate read. If you drop by a paintball field, they may let you use their chrono (usually for a small fee). Paintball chronos will sometimes give slightly different FPS readings than one "for" airsoft, but it'll give you an idea. I don't think a general speed radar is usually designed to pick up something as small as a BB, and shooting AT the the speed radar is, of course, not recommended.

There's also the coke can chrono, if you wanted to get an idea of what FPS range your gun falls under.

I know if you buy your gun from TA in person, they'll open it up, make sure it shoots, etc, so they can probably chrono it for you before hand. Contact them before you order, and they can let you know. If you buy a new spring as well, they might even change the spring for you (for a fee) before shipping it to you. It never hurts to send them a message asking.
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