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Originally Posted by highny View Post
Hey guys.

I've come to realize that my L96 is too large for me. It goes up to my neck when stood next to me which makes crawling and running extremely difficult. If your in the same situation and discover an alternative way to carry your rifle please let me know because I've destroyed my silencer by I jammed it in the ground while running.

I'm currently in the market for a shorter sniper rifle(Doesn't really make sense does it?). Consistency is a must for this and it can't be too loud.

If anyone got a suggestions feel free to shout it out.

Try carrying it with the Muzzle up.. Also if you are running.. sling the long gun and go to secondary.. as when running.. stealth is not necessary.

the issue is not how long the gun is.. the issue is you don't know how to handle it..

One of the best Snipers I know runs a gun that is literally as long as she is tall.. with no issues

no one.. should ever be running around with their muzzle pointed at the ground... this is a common Manual of Arms failure.. if you are moving upright.. gun is high ready or high port.. Long arms used in assault can be tucked in to the hip for quick shots on the move at close range targets..but if you are doing this.. you have pretty much abandoned the sniper role.
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