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What's Up Guys!!. I have just joined this site, as i am looking for some helpful information.and to also meet some guys to play airsoft with.. I am thinking of buying my first air soft gun soon, I have done plenty of paint-balling and have owned a few pellet guns. I am constantly playing BF3 (BattleField 3)..And now it is time to take my skills to a real battle field with fake guns. lol. I have my eye on 2 guns that i think i will like for the price...I was told "You Get What You Pay For" My budget will be a little over 300$(Hopefully with Battery/Charger)

.The 2 guns i am looking at are..

1. King Arms Colt Licensed M4A1 - Full Metal?
2.WE M4A1 AEG (Safe Mode releases spring tension)?

I have already read a few threads on these 2 guns.. and i am kinda leaning towards the King Arms.. The WE looks sweet but there isn't enough good feedback on it..And there seems to be alot of good feedback on the King Arms..They are pretty much the same price...If you could tell me your choice that would be great..

I have came across some misleading information on the king arms M4a1 about FPS.I think i would do fine with 380-400 as a "Noob" so im hoping to get a gun in that range..But here's the problem..These are 2 websites I am looking at ordering from. I will show you the info


This model COMES WITH ORANGE TIP and shoots over 366fps with 0.20g bbs.
Product Features:
- Made of Metal and Strong Nylon Fibers
- Officially Licensed Colt Trade marks through Cybergun.
- Fuctional Bolt Catch system.
- Metal Gearbox
- 7mm Bearing bushings
- Standard m4 length 14.5" Outer Barrel
- 300 Rds Magazine Included
- Weight: 3.0kg
- Length: 87-95cm
- Velocity: 360-385fps

6mm plastic BB's
450 fps
5.95 pounds
300 rounds
Adjustable sights (Windage and elevation)
Semi/fully automatic
Full Colt trademarks
Adjustable stock
Adjustable hop-up
High-capacity magazine
7mm Bearing Gear Box
Removable carry handle with rear sight
Length: 30.5"-33.5"

One Site is Claiming 450 FPS and one is claiming way less...Please help me out here..Any info,insight,recommendations,will be very appreciated.
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