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It is always the irresponsible incidents that paint the pictures for the public. They don't know about the organized games, on private property with strict safety regulations. Also they don't know about a community that is so focused on maturity, and keeping a low profile. That kind of story does not sell news, it is unfortunate.

However, it is very easy to see the cops point of view with regards to this issue. But I feel it is an overreactoin. Any robbery or standoff should be taking seriously, airsoft or real gun. The idea of replicas should not have a huge bearing on the situation. Anyone putting themselves in that situation is, for lack of better words, asking for it.

I also feel pellet guns should be targeted much quicker then airsoft. They shoot faster projectiles, much cheapier and easier to obtain. There are also no 'games' then can be played with pellet guns, as they are far more dangerous. Unfortunatly pellet guns and airsoft gets painted with the same brush.
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