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Experience at Select Airsoft/Painball

The main reason I went to Select Airsoft (located west GTA Vaughn region) was to get AV'd. So I walked in and Sha Do from ASC was at the front. Whatever he was doing he put to the side to assist me. I told him I had to get AV'd, and he did that for me in less than 10 minutes. I mean, to put what he was doing to the side to help me right away, that is some great customer service. After I gave him my info for the AV process, I took a look around the store. The gun wall had all kinds of good brands and beautiful AEGs. He actually was sold out on a lot of guns so the gun wall had a lot of holes, but its nice to see that the business is going well and airsoft is popular at that level. I had the chance to hold many AEGs to get the feel for them, and I will definitely be coming to Select Airsoft for future purchases. Also, Sha Do is a very good people person. He was very friendly, telling me about his airsoft experiences, what a new player like me should do, and about airsoft laws in Canada. Select Airsoft is a big plus in the airsoft community, if you have not checked it out yet, I definitely suggest to do so !
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