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When I was a little kid (around 12 years old), i knew about airsoft guns because I would see them in Canadian Tire or Walmart. I went on youtube and searched up airsoft. Got many videos, and watched hundreds of them. Everything from games, CQB and MILSIM, reviews of guns, reviews or rules. It got me so interested in the sport/hobby because of the realism involved with airsoft. But I was 12 at that time, so lets face it, the chances of me playing at that time were super slim. Especially with parents who were obviously going to say no to buying me a "gun". So last year (I was 17), I bought a clear M4 from BassPro in Vaughn Mills. Shot around the house and made targets, LOVED EVERY SINGLE BIT OF IT. I turned 18 and officially picked up the sport. Went down to Ultimate Airsoft and had my first airsoft game I found this website a year or so after I discovered airsoft.
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