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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle
Keep in mind

That we will be running 3 sessions a week, I don't want to spend too much time fiddling with chronying everyone every time.

I hope that with regulars we can just trust that they won't bring a hot gun.

this is a little different situation than the once a month "big game" where you have folks coming in that you don't know.

and also I can't see the need to bring a hot gun to an indoor game.

I am going to get a Chrono... but I hope I don't need it much, If we make the penalty harsh enough the fact that we can chrony any gun we want to ***may*** serve as all the deterent we need
Setup a station and make it available. Many games I used to run we'd do this - bear in mind many players almost never get chances to chrony their guns at all (which is why so many players have no idea what their gun actually shoots, just the ballpark the spring in it SHOULD shoot), so alot of people will appreciate the chance, and the peace of mind (for themselves on the field, and for not getting kicked out). It's a win-win... and it's cheap as far as setup goes...
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