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Originally Posted by Myoga
And if somebody breaks the limit they'll eventually get caught. Allow people to challenge the FPS of a gun, like they do the curve of a stick in hockey, and challenged guns get chronied, and people who are over the limit, but snuck in anyways can get banned for a year or something.
The idea with prechronying is that you avoid the injury/incident all together.

Contrary to popular belief chronying doesn't have to take a long time, it's a simple affair, specially if you have mags for every aeg. being that 1/2 of them are mp5's and armalites it's not such a huge ordeal. you realisticly need about 9 or 10 mags for the different familys of TM (and copy) AEG.

The proceedure is simple, you walk up to the chrony/registration, hand your gun (with out a mag) to the person doing the chronying, while they chrony your gun you give your info to the person handling the paperwork and sign the nessessary waivers and then if your gun chronies under you pony up the admin fee. it's not rocket science.

Brian good luck with this endevor.
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