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Dead thread revival.

Resurrecting the thread to outline my experience with ebairsoft, which pretty much mirrors other's experiences.

I chose to place a small order (under $100.00) to test them in early August - they also had a few components i couldn't find domestically or on other overseas sites.

7 separate components were ordered. 2 separately mailed small packages were packaged on different days, but mailed out together, arriving on my doorstep on the same day, within a week of placing the order. This comprised of 5 components total. This was the good part of my experience.

The bad part, all activity on the order went 'dark' after that. I emailed for status updates on the two remaining items, 14 and 28 days after the initial order was made. These emails went unanswered. I decided to escalate it through a Paypal dispute. Communication to this was prompt, and a refund on the remaining items was made within 24 hours.

They may be one of the bigger volume sellers in Asia - but they should institute an inventory remaining system on the website, so that potential buyers aren't left in the lurch wondering if the product is in stock, on back-order, or entirely out of stock with no hope of re-stock - as it was probably the case with the 2 items outstanding on my order. Two-way communications is also entirely lacking. If you are going to order from here, Paypal is the way to go as a safeguard.
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