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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
I'll be honest -the proliferation of hicaps is one of the reasons I've more or less stopped playing (I'm down to about 2 games a year now). I don't milsim, but when I started Airsoft even skirmishes had enforced ammo limits.

The last couple of years nearly every skirmish I've gone to has degraded into a long-range-everyone-has-support-weapons-so-nobody-moves shitfest.

It's absolutely no fun to play when 2/3 of the people playing are packing 1,000+ rounds and don't even need to worry about ammo expenditure.
I remember skirmishes that the host would call out "one mag" games (high caps weren't allowed) and you'd hear all the moaning, grumbling and complaining because half of them didn't know how to conserve ammo. Heck, there are full day milsims where we didn't even expend half a low cap load out.

You're right though. The game has turned into a bunch of campers shooting outside of their range with support weapons and wannabe support weapons. Although it is fun watching a guy unload an entire high cap at you and all the BB's drop 20 feet in front of you while your buddy flanks him and takes him out with one BB inside of 20 feet! Maddog comes to mind!
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