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Originally Posted by -Skeletor- View Post
Some guys do/have carried 10 mags, others will carry 7-8 magazines. I typically only carried 6 in my chest rig and 1 in my C7. Sometimes I added the other 3 magazines I had in my radio bag.

Plus there are the guys who carry all their C7 ammo, plus 40mm grenades(M203), as well depending on the size of the patrol/what weapons are brought out you could be carrying extra ammo for the C6, etc

For 24 hours or less you can do without carrying extra BDUs, socks, underwear, etc A little while ago we did a company raid(dismounted, lot of walking), we were away from the FOB for about 18 hours, outside of mission essential kit, I only had a 3L camelbak bladder, 1L Nalgene, powerbars and a rain jacket. I was carrying a 117F, etc so if I could cut some weight I did it. It rained, was cold overnight(felt cold since we were wet), I survived, same with the other guys.
For 24 hours or less you can do without lot's of stuff. You don't necessarily need rain gear or a warm layer, unless it's winter. You can play wet, sweaty, and hungry if needs be. You can have wet feet, and as long as your healthy, you won't need a great deal if food.

My first 24 hour game, we got about 45 min of sleep the whole time. Ran out of water, and decided to go without for a few hours as it was to far to refill. Our food consisted of trail mix and pistachios. It rained, and there was a cold wind during the night. I had to lay still in a bush for two straight hours in the rain during a watch. My steel toe boots weighed a ton as well. It didn't even take rain to make them wet, sweat mixed with the wet grass ensured the were wet and cold right away. I had a crappy rig at the time, that cut into my shoulders, and only owned two 70 round magazines. The list goes on. Since then I've learned.

I've attended games where people have gotten severly dehydrated, overhydrated, exhaustion, hypothermic, nausea, vomiting, etc. It's a good idea to have a spare set of clothes, because it recharges your battery to become dry and comfortable halfway through. Footwear is a big one. I carry three pairs of boots to every game. Someone who is healthy and in shape "can" do a 24 with very little, but people are never in as good of shape as they think. Feeling charged, full, hydrated, and rested makes the game dynamic better. Obviously a 24 will push you, but being prepared is important.

I'd also add a ranger blanket to the list. Never sleep in the bare ground, even during summer.

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