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Originally Posted by -Skeletor- View Post
Some guys do/have carried 10 mags, others will carry 7-8 magazines. I typically only carried 6 in my chest rig and 1 in my C7. Sometimes I added the other 3 magazines I had in my radio bag.

Plus there are the guys who carry all their C7 ammo, plus 40mm grenades(M203), as well depending on the size of the patrol/what weapons are brought out you could be carrying extra ammo for the C6, etc
There are a bunch of us that have run 10+1 WE GBBR mags, rifle, sidearm plus min 3 mags, plus 6-12 40mm's plus 3L water bladder and other supplies for a 24hr sim. Supplies include a 20oz CO2 tank and a propane tank. (of course we dropped the CO2 and propane off at our FOB be it had to get there and be moved when our FOB moved)
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